Johanna Lianne van de Laar (born in 1980 the Netherlands, living in Leipzig Germany)

is a visual artist who's work is centered around Humanity's unconscious detachment to its natural environment and depicts an individualized interpretation of alienation of the man-made environment. She aims to demonstrate an autonomous perspective by using a minimalistic and architectural language through photography and video with its own order and rules.

Van de Laar completed her audiovisual art and photography studies, obtaining her degree in 2004, after studying art and architectural history. Since 2004 she has worked as an independent artist with autonomous and applied photography and video in a number of exhibitions, commercial assignments and art education.

She has presented her video work in several live performances, was invited to work on a photography project at the Spinnerei Bildarchiv in 2013 and showed in a group exhibition at Westwerk Leipzig in 2014. In 2015 Van de Laar created a room filling video installation that was on view for three months, for the former Baustelle at the Central Theater Leipzig. Within this room mirrored objects were hung from the ceiling and reflected moving video projections throughout the room and through the windows out on the sidewalk.

She collaborated with director Robert Borgmann as a video artist in Theaters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This broad palette of projects in different areas in the creative industry and arts enabled her to work together with graphic-, fashion and light-designers, illustrators, directors and musicians. These cross-over projects influenced her work process to be interdisciplinary with a main emphasis on psychological and philosophical inspired compositions.

She looks for reliability in clear forms to generate focus and silence within the chaos of everyday life. Her work mainly mediates rhythm instead of narrative, and absence instead of overwhelming information, leaving room for the viewers to communicate with their own inner self.



DE +49 176 222 05104



2001 – 2004 BFA Photographic Design – Academie of Arts, Utrecht

1999 – 2000 Art History – University, Utrecht

1996 – 1999 Audiovisual studies and Arts – Academie of Arts, Tilburg

Exhibitions / Art Sales

2015 Fade to Black , selected for Fashion Clash Film Festival, Maastricht

2014 Group Exhibition, 21e Leipziger Jahresausstellung, Westwerk, Leipzig

2014 Group Exhibition, video 'practical observations', Island, Hamburg

2013 Solo Exhibition, Bildarchive #20, Spinnerei, Leipzig

2012 Art sale by Van Campen Liem, Amsterdam

2008 Solo Exhibition, ATW, Coqc Galerie, Amsterdam

2004 Art sale by Herman Wesselinkcollege, Amstelveen

2004 Exam Exhibition, HKU, Utrecht

Art / Culture commissions and publications

2020 Denkzeit Stipendium, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen

2014 Campaign Museumweekend film/photogrphy i.c.w. Lava, Amsterdam

2013 Photography Auf AEG, Nurnberg

2013 Film IAmsterdam 'balans' with. Lava, Amsterdam

2012 Campaign ArtEZ finals with Lava, Arnhem

2012 Photography ArtEZ Fact Magazine, Arnhem

2012 Commissioned Art photographic diptique, Van Campen Liem, Amsterdam

2011 Film IAmsterdam city promotion with. Lava, Amsterdam

2011 Photography ArtEZ Fact Magazine, Arnhem

2009 Photography, Rooms of Redbull, Amsterdam

2007 Commissioned Art Project – with Pieter-Frank de Jong, CS, Haarlem

2004 Commissioned Art in adition for Herman Wesselinkcollege, Amstelveen


2017 Video Design - Paradies Fluten - director Robert Borgmann - Akademie Theater Vienna

2016 Video Design - Cosi fan Tutte - director Robert Borgmann - Deutsche Oper Berlin

2016 Video Design - Tod eines Handlungsreisenden - director Robert Borgmann - Staatstheater Stuttgart

2016 Video Design - Die Bacchen - director Robert Borgmann - Theater Basel

2015 Music video, weber - Twin A (part one / trilogy, Holger Records

2015 Fashion Film, Fade to Black - Dirty Design

2015 Visual Performance as CC.LL - Improv. with The Group, OSE, Leipzig

2015 Light-/video installation – live visual performance, Baustelle Central Theater, Schauspiel Leipzig

2014 Light-/video installation as CC.LL – live visual performance and concept, AudioInvasion, Gewandhaus, Leipzig

2014 Live performance – Holger Label – Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig

2014 Video design - Richard III – director Robert Borgmann – Theater Stuttgart

2014 Music video, Legowelt – Holiday in Paradise, Nachti Various

2014 Music video, Weber – Somehowalovesong, Holger Records

2014 Light-/video installation – live visual performance, Conne Island, Leipzig

2014 Music video, Dream Weapons – Moonland, Holger Records

2014 Music video, Timoka – Comer, Holger Records

2013 Short film, I-Object with Mari Meyer / Philipp Weber

2013 Music video, Margot – Trentaseitrenta, Holger Records

2013 Visual performance – Lethargy Festival, Zürich

2013 Visual performance – Trouw loves Nachtdigital, Trouw, Amsterdam

2013 Visual performance – Doumen Rooftop Takeover, Leipzig

2013 Stop-motion music video – webermichelson x Praezisa Rapid 3000, Doumen, Leipzig

Photography commissions and publications

2014 Photograpy booklet Richard III Staatstheater Stuttgart

2014 21e Leipziger Jahresausstellung catalogue

2013 Bildarchive 20 Spinnerei – exhibition catalogue

2004 – 2014

Divers photographic publications and editorial assignments for publishers and print-media like

CODE Magazine, ArtEZ Magazine, DJBroadcast, BIS-Publishers, EllE, AMFI, IndieBrands.

Guest teaching

2011 Guest teacher photography / production, AMFI, Amsterdam

2010 Guest teacher photography, HVA, Amsterdam


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